Classical Spotlight: Sophie Dupuis


This week I'd like to introduce you to Canadian composer Sophie Dupuis. Born and raised in the Maritimes, her work has been performed in Toronto Symphony workshops and Nova Scotia Symphony workshops.

Check out some of her work here.


Classical Spotlight: Jocelyn Morlock


This week's Classical Spotlight is on Jocelyn Morlock, the composer-in-residence for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Her work has received numerous awards and nominations through the years, and has been hailed for being airy, rhythmic, tuneful, and complex.

See a recording of her piece "Aeromancy for two cellos" here

Find out more about Jocelyn and her work here



Jazz Spotlight: Esperanza Spalding


This week's Jazz Spotlight is on American prodigy and multi-instrumentalist Esperanza Spalding.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Esperanza has collaborated on 7 albums, and released 5 solo albums. She plays both the standup bass and the electric bass.


Culture Corner: Music Lessons in Childhood


Hey everyone!

Hopefully you've all had a wonderful Spring Break. It looks like it's finally going to start melting around here.

This week I'd like to share this blog post by Stephanie Su on musicadvisor.com's blog. It goes through some of the possible benefits of learning to play music in childhood. She's also written posts about various mental health and lifestyle benefits of playing music or being in a music group. Check it out!


Jazz Spotlight: Donny McCaslin


Our Jazz Spotlight this week is on 3-time Grammy nominee Donny McCaslin.

Donny is an accomplished jazz saxophonist, having been active as a musician for over 30 years, and been included in the recording of David Bowie's Blackstar album.

Learn more about Donny here, and see Donny perform a 20 minute desk set for NPR here.


Kaiden's Cavernoma Fundraiser Pt II


Huge thanks to everyone who came out and supported our fundraiser this past weekend. We raised $619.75 with your help!

We look forward to seeing you all again!


Culture Corner: Synaptic Music Therapy


This week, I'd like to share an article about musical therapy.

Synaptic is a Calgary-based company engaging in a six-week pilot project to combine musical therapy with physical therapy. Treating patients with Parkinson's, injuries from collisions, and more, the project is taking place at the Foothills hospital.

Check it out here


Kaiden's Cavernoma Fundraiser


This Sunday, we at Anacrusis music are honoured to be hosting a fundraiser for a local six-year-old boy, Kaiden. Kaiden went through a stroke and surgery to remove a cavernoma, or tumor, from his brain last year, and the donations from the show will go to the family to help with his recovery. A cavernoma is a kind of aggressive, but benign tumor.


From 1 pm to 4 pm on March 18th, we'll be next door at the KUMON center with our student bands and food for everyone! Come check out the kids playing the songs they've been working on all year, and support a great cause!



Culture Corner: Smart Start


Today I want to share an article highlighting the importance of music in early childhood.

The Royal Conservatory of Music, based in Toronto, partnered with researchers at McGill University to investigate the best ways to incorporate music into early childhood.

Using what they knew about how the brain forms and learns in babies and toddlers, they've started developing an interactive music curriculum for parents and kids. It can allegedly help develop learning responses, boost math scores and language development.

Read the article here.

Check out the app here.


Classical Spotlight: Canadian Music Centre


This week's Classical Spotlight is on the Canadian Music Centre.

Established in 1959, the CMC catalogues and promotes the works of numerous Canadian composers, as well as maintaining a lending library, archives, and a recording label that has amassed dozens of awards, including 6 JUNOs.

Whether you're looking for new music, or for a challenge in your playing, the CMC is an invaluable resource to musicians and enthusiasts.


Jazz Spotlight: Johnny Summers


Our Jazz Spotlight this week is on Calgary Jazz Orchestra director and founder Johnny Summers.

Summers has worked extensively in the Calgary area, with the CJO as the director and as a jazz arranger for several pieces, as well as educating musicians through his Elevate courses.


See Johnny perform with the CJO here


Culture Corner: Local Prodigy


A cool look at a student from Edmonton who attends the Royal Conservatory right here in Calgary!

Jacques Forestier is headed to an international competition in Geneva, Switzerland, where he is in the running to win a $13,00 prize and numerous educational and professional opportunities.

Click here to read the full story


Culture Corner: Chills Down Your Spine


Today I'd like to share an article that illustrates how music gives us those 'chills'.


The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital conducted a study that showed that the brain chemical dopamine is released when listening to enjoyable pieces of music. The article also has links to lists of chill inducing music to listen to at home!

Click here to give it a read.

The list of chill inducing music provided by participants can be found here.



Classical Spotlight: Andrew Staniland


Our first Classical Spotlight is on Alberta-born composer Andrew Staniland, who has won prizes from CBC, composed forthe Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and currently calls Newfoundland home.

This profile from Musicworks will tell you everything you need to know about this modern composer!



The Importance of Music


Local Juno-Award winning performer Ruth B. shares her thoughts on the importance of music at a celebration in December.

Click Here


The Benefits of Playing Music


Thanks for joining us. We're going to us this space to share great music and ideas about music education you might find interesting.


This week I'd like to highlight a post on the brainpickings blog all about the benefits of playing music. I encourage you to also watch the great Ted Talk video which illustrates the science in a fun way.



Happy Fall everyone!



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