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Band Programs

We offer an extensive group program:

Guitar Club

These groups meet 1-2x per month

and are arranged by level.

These groups are great for beginners

or students who are shy

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Choir 2.jpg


This is an exciting group
with a lot of energy.
It's great for beginners
and students who want
to build up their confidence! 
It is open to any student enrolled in lessons

Percussion Ensemble

These groups meet 2x per month and are assigned by level. These groups are  great for beginners or students who are shy. The older groups have participated in festivals, including: CPAF, Kiwanis & Synchronicity. More details here.

Percussion Ensemble 1.jpg

Skipping Stone Programs

Queer Supported

We are proud to support the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, including 

being home to Skipping Stone's Queer Music Program

Comprehensive Performance & Group Learning:

Building Community Through Music

Rock Bands

We offer an extensive band program that includes all kinds of styles of music. Students are a mix of online and in person and meet weekly/biweekly.

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Jazz class 2021_edited.jpg

Jazz Improvisation Class

Learn how to play, comp and improvise over different jazz standards, styles and blues forms. Weekly classes, video demonstrations and performance opportunities

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